Money is either a useful tool or a cruel master. Accounting for it properly can make all the difference.


Whether you have a side hustle or a firmly established business, hiring a bookkeeper can save you a ton of time by removing the headache from the day-to-day financial obligations of running a business and can free you to spend more time offering top-notch products or services.

Schedule a meeting to discuss custom pricing based on your business' or nonprofit's unique bookkeeping needs.


Services Offered

  • Set up accounting system

  • Pay bills

  • Invoice customers

  • Process payroll and pay independent contractors

  • Collect and remit sales and payroll taxes

  • Make bank deposits

  • Monthly reconciliations

  • Create financial statements

  • Maintain chart of accounts

  • Create and monitor budget

  • Maintain digital records

  • Assemble financial information for tax filings and audits

  • Provide administrative support to management as needed